Learn How to be Heard & Make a Difference

Image by Aditya Joshi


Did you know that as an elector (one that is qualified to vote in an election) you have legal duties and obligations to keep your Members of Parliament and Senators fully informed of what your WILL (strong conviction, not mere opinion) is upon any issue or matter that comes before them in their Houses of Parliament?

"If you do not fully inform them of your WILL on any issue, then you cannot blame them for what they do. You have only your own laziness or indifference to blame."~ Arthur A Chresby.

A simple straight forward, unemotional letter to your Federal Member and each of the Senators in your state outlining your WILL is one way to make yourself heard on topics that are important to you, the person they are bound to represent.

This can be a gamechanger, but only works if electors (ie. you and anyone who votes) step up and exercise their right to be heard. In the face of rapid loss of human rights, there is no better time than now to exercise what rights we have left.



This campaign started as a petition to Federal Parliament for a Vaccinated vs Fully Unvaccinated study to prove their claims that vaccinated children are healthier than unvaccinated, but now, it's progressed into exercising our right to be represented in parliament by our MP and Senators.  

We do not believe that mandated medication in Australia is either lawful, or morally acceptable and we demand to be heard on this topic.  By taking action on this, you are joining a team of dedicated people across Australia who understand that the incomprehensible repercussions for not taking action far outweigh concerns about what people might think about us for standing up for what is right.